Change Your Posture, Change Your Life


– using The YogAlign Method



Discover the breakthrough technique in physical body awareness that will move you beyond physical body tension and into a place of calm and clarity where you will find relief amongst the daily body aches & pains.

A most inspiring, exciting and revealing workshop where you will discover the deeper tension hidden in your body & the tools for the release of that long stored habitual body tension. Learn how to move towards a feeling of lightness and body happiness.

Using a revolutionary breathing technique, combined with spinal muscle kinesology, joint protection and focused positional and movement awareness. This simple and yet truly powerful method will bring the world of physical self healing into a fun and entertaining experience. That will show you a different perspective about your body, that you’ve known never before.

Just $189 for our February workshop 

Come and experience this life-changing workshop!


A unique workshop designed for anyone who wants to learn the tools to become their own best self-healer. 

This workshop is essential for anyone who wants to feel really good! The YogAlign Method covers it all!

Using your own physical body connections, the YogAlign Method  offers a different perspective about our physical health and wellbeing in a clear and simple language that makes sense.

Habitual holding patterns that you currently have can create a lot of unnecessary stress and stored tension in your body!  

With very good intentions we have spent a life time being taught in so many ways how to hold your body in less than effective ways. But it simply isnt working! There is another way that is so simple yet so powerful!

Have you experienced constant tightness in your body or know people who have?

Studies have shown the 80-90% of chronic diseases are created from stress, tension & misalignment. We show you how to turn it around.

You will come away from this 4 Hour workshop with…

  • Knowing how to use The YogAlign Methodfor real physical transformation
  • A series of simple and effective techniques & tools to help you become your own self healer
  • An understanding of why a relaxed and energised body seems hard to achieve and how to make it easy and powerful
  • An excitement within you as you realise you do have the power to change your internal world

Yes, just $189 for our February workshop!

You will discover….

  • A unique and powerful technique that transforms feeling bad into feeling good
  • You won’t find The YogAlign Method anywhere else in Australia – it raises your vibration!

In the unique YogAlign Method, we combine:

  • neuromuscular rebalancing and tension release
  • natural spine alignment
  • spinal muscle kinesiology
  • joint Protection
  • unique and deep Core Breathing, which will help to align the spine from the inside
  • self massage techniques

to create a most powerful, entertaining and interactive workshop.

With The YogAlign Method you have a recipe for real life transformation!

Dealing with constant physical tension can be so frustrating!

Now there is a way to stop the physical tension frustrating you and learn how to take control!

Are you ready to take your state of awareness about your physical body and life-force energy to a new level?


You’re about to discover …

How to release your own body tension

How to align your spine from the inside 

How to create natural core strength

Powerful but simple strategies that can bring you in to feeling deeply relaxed and yet naturally energised.

How to prevent your fight or flight muscle from being overactive

How to reduce your risk of chronic disease

Why most stretching is a complete waste of time

The real cause of body tension and how to heal it.

The 3 steps to create transformation

How we hole our own body affects our energy energy and mostly without any awareness of it.

It’s time to stop the cycle and learn how to help each other feel good and let go of the stress & tension.

The results have been amazing …

There is no other workshop like this one in Australia!

Do you…

  • ever feel overwhelmed at the stress and tension in your body?
  • find it a struggle to connect to your own inner peace and vibrant energy?

Do you love…

  • feeling good in your body and want to gain a deeper understanding of your energy and habitual stored body tension, the life-force energy and your ability to heal yourself?

If you do, you will love this workshop!

This may be the missing link you’ve been looking for.

  • Habitual body tension, its nature, and how it affects your life
  • Learn how to become your own best physiotherapist, chiropractor, kinesiologist, massage therapist, by learning the tools to become your own self-healer
  • Rebalance the tensile forced of the entire body
  • The power of letting go of stored & residual tension
  • How to decrease the activity of the Fight or Flight Muscle, or the Stress Reflex
  • Reveal the hidden secret in recognising and dealing with the Stretch Reflex
  • The power of the breath and how to align the spine from the inside
  • Being in tune with the real you
  • How to release every single part of body tension- one part at a time

This is different kind of workshop!

We go beyond the typical tension & stretch techniques and myths about ‘blockages’ and instead help you to quickly and effortlessly reconnect with the release.

Attachment to stored tension and tightness could be impacting on your family, friends or your work

– Attachment creates foggy thinking

Bad decisions can be made when you are not thinking clearly. These decisions can have an effect both you and everyone involved.

– Attachment creates disease

Studies show 80-90% of chronic disease is created due to stress, tension and misalignment. What will happen to your family or work if your health fails? Fear on a deep unconscious level creates stress.

– Attachment and fear go hand in hand

Fear could be preventing you and your child or partner from reaching full potential.

– Attachment creates challenging relationships

You and others around you are more likely to react rather than respond when the pressure is on. The results of a bad reaction can be long lasting and have a major impact on the relationships within your family, friendships and workplace.

Most people believe they are coping well and they probably are. To admit being stressed and full of tension for many people could be seen as a sign of not coping, so it’s not something that most people want to admit to.

However, making the decision that you want to feel better within yourself even though you have been coping OK, could be your ticket to feeling amazing!

You may not think you’re body is tight or out of alignment because your body has become  so used to living this way.

It may be ‘normal’ but it’s not necessarily healthy!

When your body believes you are stressed, whether you are aware of it or not, it automatically discharging a range of hormones throughout your system to help you deal with it and help you to feel OK. These hormones can have a profound effect on your body if they continue to be released over a long period of time.

In addition to these stress hormones, when we don’t feel good we reach for anything to help us feel better. We reach for things such as food, sugar, alcohol, drugs or just keep extremely busy so we don’t have to feel what’s really going on inside.

These things can become addictive and as a result begin to have detrimental effects on your body over time.

Chronic disease doesn’t just happen. You may one day be given a diagnosis, however that condition didn’t just turn up, it’s taken a long time for the body to be out of balance before these diseases take hold.

When you get to the core of stress, rather than trying to manage it, then the stress hormones in your body can relax and your need for addiction is reduced dramatically.

The physical need for addictions can be healed quite quickly, the emotional needs however won’t go away until the stress behind it is healed.

You may be bright and bubbly and consider yourself a very positive person, there may be however one part of you that isn’t so bubbly and doesn’t feel so good. This part of you may be being ignored and understandably so, no one wants to feel bad. It’s this part of you however that needs some healing. This is where The Grace Method comes in…

In this workshop you will learn – The YogAlign Method

This new method has proven to work extremely well with hundreds of people. We have found the most powerful way to experience it is with a Private Session with a Certified YogAlign Instructor.

The YogAlign Method is fundamentally quite simple, yet this simplicity takes a little time to explain. Not because it’s difficult, but because our minds have been conditioned to believe that nothing so simple can be so effective.

After all, people have spent years studying and paying out huge dollars in order to understand the mind and the stress it can create. So getting to the core should be complicated and need highly trained professionals, right? Well with some serious physical conditions, yes.

But we’re talking about personal physical health here.

It’s our innate physical alignment that create unnecessary tension, and our alignment depends on how we habitually hold the body. 

This is not therapy rather, each workshop is fun and interactive and it will turn your world upside down

—in a very pleasant way!

Yes, for our February workshop it’s just $189! 

Be quick though – these workshops are filling fast!



  •  If you’re sick of the body aches Or the body aches are making you sick 
  •  If you’re ready to feel good in your body
  •  If you are willing to allow the release of tension, and a feeling of deep relaxation and vibrant energy into your life

Then join us! Book Here:

Body breakdowns don’t just happen. There will be an underlying stress, tension, fatigue stored somewhere. It’s time to find it, get to the core and transform your body into the happy, relaxed, and vibrantly alive body that you are wanting.

We are so busy looking after everyone else, it can be easy to skip taking care of us and allow our needs go to the end of the line.

We can only accept a small group of people into the workshops, so numbers are limited

We strive to make sure each person gets great value for their time from the course. So to do this, smaller groups work best. We have the number capped for deeper experience for each participant.

So if you want your place secured then don’t wait. Book in now, then you can relax knowing your seat is confirmed.

You have nothing to lose but your tension and body tightness!

You always have choices in life and there are 2 choices you can make right now  …

  1. Do nothing different and keep doing what you are doing right now. Keep trying to ‘manage’ your body tension if you can and put up with all those things you are currently tolerating. Continue with the sleepless nights and worries and trying to do hundreds of things at once and feel like you get nowhere.
  2. Come to the workshop and learn a new perspective on how you tick, making it fast, effective and simple to let go of body tension. Watch your health and relationships improve and take control. Find the peace and clarity that is within you right now. It’s actually so much closer than you think.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…

It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Vivian Greene

Don’t you think it’s time?

We look forward to meeting you and seeing the look on your face as you begin to realise how living in a happier body for life just got easy.