NEW! Online Foundational Training Program Now Available

Alongside The Healthy Body Studio we also run Perfectly Align, a special Yoga program developed to help realign your body.

Many do not know that their body is not aligned and may live with it for years and not notice. It is not until the pain and discomfort sets in that they will look for solutions; often painkillers or even surgical procedures.

If you suffer from shoulder, neck, lower back or other similar pains or minor injuries, Align Yoga could be your solution to a freer body and pain relief. The special form of Yoga can greatly reduce and even eliminate tensions in your body and help you to enjoy your happiest, healthiest body.

Here are some of the key benefits to practicing Align Yoga with Perfectly Align:

Convenient: Online so easy to fit into your schedule

Core Strength: Painlessly activate natural core strength

Fitter: Feel more balanced, fitter and healthier

Energized: Feel lighter, happier, energized and vibrant

Relaxation: Develop a full, deep breath, as the resting state.

Relieve Pain: Learn how to release neck, shoulder and lower back pain

Flexibility: Learn how to increase your flexibility instantly and painlessly

Correct Posture: Learn how to correct postural issues in your body that are causing lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain.

Release Pain: Become your own most intuitive physio, kinesologist and massage therapist all in one: learn how to release pain and tension in your body so that you can live in your happiest, healthiest, most alive body!

Don’t wait for the pain to get worse and don’t waste money on Chiropractors or other assessments. Come and try us out and see if we can’t help you to achieve your happiest, healthiest body!

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