The Healthy Body Studio offers regular fortnightly Sound Bath Meditations and Private Sessions brought to you by Ripple Effect Sound Therapy. The meditation class is not included in the Classes Memberships. The prices for the Meditations are listed below

Ripple Effect Sound Therapy offers a variety of meditational services at The Healthy Body Studio

Non invasive, non medical treatments. Subtle yet effective. Suitable for all ages.

Meditation sessions we offer:

  • Fortnightly Sound Bath Meditation class, rejuvenating, calming, group meditation-like energetic tune up
  • Biofield Tuning: Non-invasive sound treatment to shift patterns of disharmony in the biomagnetic energy field that surround our bodies. The coherent vibes of a tuning fork gently support the body in recognising and correcting its own vibrational imbalances. Biofield Tuning Private Sessions also available by appointment
  • Sonic Flush: Facial and body meridian treatments that tone, reset, unblock and regenerate.


A rejuvenating, group meditation-like ‘energetic-tune up’ session. Mind, body, spirit de-stresses and restores while you listen and get entranced by sound forks, bells, various frosted crystal & Tibetan bowls.

Devote 1.5hours to the sacred event. Arrive 10 minutes prior to sign in, best to purchase ticket in advance online. Wear comfy clothes, bring favourite bedding, drink bottle, eye pillow if preferred (can purchase in studio).

First 10 minutes: Turn phone off, set clear intention, unwind.

1 Full Hour is Pure Resonance absorbed by your being. Final 20 minutes: ground, integrate. Keep hydrated afterwards. Minimum one visit per fortnight is recommended.

Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the class, to set up a yoga mat and cushions (provided) etc to get yourself comfortable for a laying down meditational class.

Something comfortable, you will be laying down for the majority of the session

Suitable for all ages and most conditions, contraindications listed below.

The lunchtime class goes for 1.5 hours, while the evening class goes for 1 hour

$25 for the lunch time class or $20 each for you and a friend. $18 for the evening class, or $15 each for you and a friend.

1.5 hours $110 from January 2017

Classes are held every fortnight on a Thursday. Please check the Timetable page to see when the next class is on.

If you are tired a lot, lack focus, often feel stuck, restless, and uneasy, can’t sleep well, suffer from PTSD, anxiety, live with chronic pain, past or present injuries, conditions, then yes these treatments types are highly recommended for you

Pacemaker, metal parts, transplants, serious illness including cancer, pregnancy, obesity, concussion