Massage therapy is great for relieving muscular tension, stress and promoting relaxation.  Here at THBS during your initial consultation we will recommend and agree to a massage technique which best suits your needs however please request a massage technique of your choice from the menu if you prefer.  The Healthy Body Studio would like to make it clear we are here to give you the best treatment for your body and at all times respect your privacy and personal details always.

Often after a number of massages people find that they are more aware of their bodies and in turn more able to relax.
When 80 percent of visits to GP’s are stress related, massage has an important role to play in the nation’s health.

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are” ~ Chinese proverb

Looking for a regular massage? You can purchase a regular, weekly, fortnightly or monthly Massage Membership and get a 1 hour massage from $60. Book in for your first massage today, and set up your membership at your first appointment (Link to Bookings page)

Massage can help those looking to improve their sports performance and recovery time.

60 MINUTES $89 || 90 MINUTES $129 

Relaxation (or Swedish) Massage: is a gentle massage using light and firm pressure as desired by the clients to allow a deep relaxation benefit.  This is the perfect treatment if you are new to massage.  This technique has been shown to be beneficial for reducing the effects of stress, both emotional and physical and improve sleep. Relaxation Massage benefits:

  • muscular tension
  • circulation
  • nervous system
  • deep relaxation
  • relieve stress

60 MINUTES $89 || 90 MINUTES $129

Gift Vouchers available on request.
Please note all gift vouchers for The Healthy Body Studio have a 3 month expiry from the date of purchase.
There is a no refund policy on all gift vouchers.