The human body is such a spectacular piece of engineering and yet so many people take advantage of just a tiny part of its capability. We can help everybody to feel stronger, more centred and above all, more in control. The health benefits of normal yoga are very well established, and the YogAlign techniques used by us here at The Healthy Body Studio only enhance the benefits even more.

Through our practices, teaching and coaching we can help you:
– Build fitness, core strength and flexibility

– Improve posture/ and decrease severity of posture related illnesses such as headaches & migraines caused from neck and shoulder tension, lower back pain caused from improper seating alignment, and neck, shoulder and lower back pain caused by postural habits – Increase your ability to breathe deeply therefore feeling calmer and more self aware

– Retrain the body to move in natural alignment, from a stronger, more balanced place

– Improve digestion and regulate bowel movements

– Feel more relaxed, mindful and connected; reduce anxiety, depression and stress.

– Create a self-care habit

– Release tension areas in the body

– Decrease recovery time from an injury and help to reduce likelihood of repeat injury, as YogAlign will help to rebalance muscle tension

– Help to recovery from joint replacements – almost any sort of injury, pain, or accident; YogAlign will help to rebalance any muscular imbalances

That’s just a basic list of some of our program benefits. Contact us today for further information, we are looking forward to welcoming you to our studios.

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