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Alongside The Healthy Body Studio we also run Perfectly Align, a special Yoga program developed to help realign your body. Many do not know that their body is not aligned and may live with it for years and not notice. It is not until the pain and discomfort sets in that they will look for solutions; often painkillers or even

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The human body is such a spectacular piece of engineering and yet so many people take advantage of just a tiny part of its capability. We can help everybody to feel stronger, more centred and above all, more in control. The health benefits of normal yoga are very well established, and the YogAlign techniques used by us here at The

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All good things take a little time. ❤

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Perfectly Align

Learn all about how Allouise (founder of Perfectly Align and owner of The Healthy Body Studio) found her way to this revolutionary yoga practice…

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Perfectly Align

It’s all about the good thoughts. Join is over at Perfectly Align for all the good thoughts you can take! (And some good techniques as well…)

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Perfectly Align

Good vibes only! Have you joined our sister page Perfectly Align yet? Go on, get to it! Good things coming!

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Perfectly Align

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