Everybody can benefit from The Healthy Body Studio! We specialise in YogAlign for every type of body – from professional athletes, golfers, surfers and those in elite performance areas, through to anyone who just wants to learn something new.

This method is for anyone, of any age, and any fitness level. You don’t need any previous training or knowledge of yoga or fitness, but you will definitely get astounding, lasting results.

We are really looking forward to meeting you and finding out how we can help you.

We have a variety of classes that range from 45mins to 1.5hours, packed with fun, and a new and revolutionary approach.

A new & powerful technique helping you to bring every single part of you in to alignment

When you can’t make it in to the classes but you want to learn the YogAlign Method this is the Foundational Training Program for you.




We have a variety of classes that range from 45 mins to 1.5 hours packed with fun and a new and revolutionary approach to an old tradition.

The YogAlign Method

A new & powerful technique helping you to bring every single part of you into alignment.


Our YogAlign practice is beneficial for everyone! Click the link to find out more.


Our YogAlign practice is beneficial for everyone! Click the link to find out more



NEW! Online Foundational Training Program Now Available

September 01, 2016

Alongside The Healthy Body Studio we also run Perfectly Align, a special Yoga program developed to help realign your body. Many do not know that...

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Now Launching Workshops!

April 15, 2015

At The Healthy Body Studio we are pleased to present Workshops starting in February 2017. These workshops will benefit anyone who wants to feel better...

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April 12, 2015

The human body is such a spectacular piece of engineering and yet so many people take advantage of just a tiny part of its capability....

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I love being able to offer YogAlign to the south east Queensland community, knowing this studio is the very first of it’s kind in Australia. To be able to offer such a life-changing & transformational method here is a true gift. People usually have to travel to the USA to get this training. Personally it has completely transformed the way I feel from day to day. I haven’t felt this good since I was a young child and I love being able to teach it everyday.

Allouise, Founder



  • “Yoga has been a useful tool in keeping my body and spirit balanced.I highly recommend her YogAlign® style of yoga with its emphasis on neuromuscular balancing, natural spine alignment and core breathing.”

    Laird Hamilton

    Professional athlete, big-wave surfer

  • “I am an osteopathic physician and student of many types of energy healing and bodywork. The muscular and energetic releases I felt in my first YogAlign® class were the fastest and most beneficial of all healing modalities I have ever experienced.”

    Jessica Bacon

  • “For the last 5 years, I have received frequent sessions of bodywork with very skilled practitioners. I suffered from migraine headaches and lower back pain. I tried many forms of therapy including deep tissue sports massage, chiropractic, osteopathic, cranial sacral, and an orthopedic physician. I would feel some relief for a few weeks and then the pain would return. After just a few weeks of working to align my spine with the YogAlign® method, the sciatic pain that plagued me for years was gone! It has now been about six months since I began practicing the YogAlign® method and my sciatic pain and headaches have completely disappeared.”

    John Steinmann

    Avocado rancher, Entrepreneur, Surfer, Cyclist, Father

  • “After five weeks of YogAlign®, I cancelled my surgery. Due to a bone spur in my shoulder, I could no longer do  many of the things I loved to do (swimming, gardening, putting my arm around my sweetie) without pain. I had tried intensive physical therapy, ice, ibuprofen, even cortisone injections. I was a motivated and compliant patient. But re-aligning my shoulders and the rest of my body through YogAlign® techniques corrected the cause of the pain and has brought relief. I am well on my way to recovery. I’m a believer!”

    Linda Pizzatola,

    Graphic Artist, Gardener, Swimmer, Counselor

  • “ I have attained a level of health and fitness that I have not felt since I was a child. The natural blueprint for  alignment has become intrinsic in my body, and I feel alive and vibrant. I am even doing hand stands and deep back bends with no pain. As I learned to stretch with resistance and protect my joints, I was never at any time sore from the deep work. After each session I would feel highly energized and yet deeply relaxed…The system is very easy to learn and I feel I have been given the tools to be my own healer.”

    John Steinmann

    Avocado rancher, Entrepreneur, Surfer, Cyclist, Father

  • “When I began YogAlign® classes, I suffered from plantar fasciitis, forward head carriage, and migraine headaches. My posture was stooped and my neck and shoulders were always sore from overworked muscles that were not designed to hold the weight of my head. I was starting to feel trapped in my body and it was exhausting just to be in it. In just a few classes, my pain and misalignment disappeared as if by magic. I had been developing core strength from my pilates classes but Michaelle helped me learn to access my core in a way I had never been shown. My tennis game is getting better all the time and I feel relaxed and comfortable in my body.The natural blueprint for alignment I learned in the YogAlign® method is intrinsic in my body now and I don’t have to work at doing it. I have let go of my old posture and feel youthful and energized. I highly recommend her training to anyone with a spine!”

    Sherry Latif

    Pharmacist, Artist, Pilates Practitioner, Tennis Player, and Mother of three

  • “I have been practicing YogAlign® for 16 months now, and have had huge improvements in my range of motion, breathing function and overall well being. I feel great, with no pain or stiffness even after playing a tough game of volleyball. My body feels fluid and it makes me laugh because I feel as though I am actually doing less now in terms of muscle effort when I exercise. When I went for my physical recently and they measured my height, the nurse did it twice thinking she had made a mistake. The nurse announced with surprise to me that I am now an inch and a quarter taller than the records show at my physical last year. At 61 years old I feel like I am growing younger and my volleyball and surfing are getting better.”

    Greg Close

    National Senior Men’s Division Volleyball Player and Stand-Up Paddler

  • “For years I suffered from low back pain and neck tension especially after a paddling session. In just one session with Michaelle and the YogAlign® method, I understood natural spine alignment and how to engage it by using my psoas muscles. Learning how to let go of unconscious tension through the PNF(proprioceptive) techniques gave me a huge awakening about how to experience yoga from within. I felt a freedom and comfort in body that I had not felt in years. I discovered how to feel more economical in my body and experience effortless effort. Michaelle has a deep understanding of alignment and breath and yet the teaching was simple and precise. I can apply the principles to all my activities and other yoga classes and I am no longer in pain or misalignment.”

    Margo Turner

    Mother, Triathlete, Hawaiian Canoe Paddler, and Marketing Professional

  • “After an acute trauma from jumping off of a cliff into the ocean, I was in severe back pain. Standard methods of treatments like rest, ice and ibuprofen were not touching it. Although I had never even done yoga and was nervous about trying it with an injury, Michaelle explained to me how YogAlign® is safe, comfortable and would give me relief from back pain.”

    Mike Osborn

    MS, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

  • I took a group YogAlign® class and experienced immediate relief both during the class and for several days after the yoga class. Her attention to detail and in particular how the movement of breath affects posture and spine alignment were informing and comfortable. She helped me understand both cerebrally and experientially that pain results from posture imbalances that get mapped into our brain, similar to the software programs in our computers. By rewiring the signals the brain sends out to the muscles, bad patterning can be erased and new body map “software” can be uploaded quickly and safely. My experience with YogAlign® has inspired me to incorporate it into my work as an acupuncturist and I look forward to learning more.”

    Mike Osborn

    MS, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

  • “You helped me understand what proprioception is and how to change it through your yoga system. You have awakened my sensory awareness and I can now feel when my spine is aligned properly without thinking about it. I was so stuck in my head and did not realize that yoga could reinforce my weaknesses and keep me stuck in the mental realm. You have helped me be the witness of my own being and I am experiencing myself in the now through feeling and sensing. All the years I have done yoga, I never felt the freedom and energy that was set free in my being by studying the YogAlign® method with you.”


    age 55

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